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  • Each certificate receives an individual secured, encrypted, digital asset account.
  • Globally, send and receive certificates instantly via email
  • Time-lock ,This feature allows the sender to create a unique unlock date in the future.
  • Video Messaging enables the sender to create or upload a special digital message to the recipient.

Digital Certificate

$ 29.99

  • Physical Certificates include all the options and features of Digital Certificates plus these extras.
  • Recipients receive a fully branded gift package including a Bond quality parchment paper, secured inside a personalized holder, accompanied by a personal gift card to the recipient.
  • Check your balance instantly with the built in QR code. Simply scan the QR code with your phone and your balance will be displayed instantly on your device.
  • First-Class delivery to your recipient’s address via US Postal Service (available in the US only)

Physical Certificate

$ 49.99

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Once the Time Lock is added to the certificate, the contents cannot be redeemed until the date
Recipient can redeem the certificate after this date only
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it’s a girl

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November ,16,2022

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